Monica develops her work in different site-specific settings and her style refers to Third Theatre and Body-mind approaches. Her strong interest is to perform in informal contexts with a real interaction with the audience. 

Through performance she aims to bring to light the connection between a contingent and intimate individual experience with the universal and timeless dramaturgy of us humans. 

Monica continually deepens her knowledge of the body, movement, voice, rhythm, and performance. She is interested in research, experimentation, and the fusion of cultures and traditions through theatre practice.

Monica always want to extend her dance theatre practice and generate new choreographic techniques.

Curriculum Vitae Monica de Ioanni

Founder, company dancer and community dance developer of  LaNua -Movement and improvisation
​ (2004 - 2014)

​Member of   Théâtre de la Camelote

Education & Qualifications

2007 - 2010   Physical Theatre ODIN TEATRET Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

2008 - 2009   Arts Education in Practice Children in Scotland and Scottish Arts Council, funded by Creative Scotland. Professional Development Award, year 2009, (SQA Excellent: 81,9%) Glasgow, UK

2009   Intercultural Physical Theatre Practice TEATRO POTLACH and ISTA - International School of Theatre Anthropology 

​2003   Physical Theatre and Collective Creation Judith Malina and the Living Theatre

2002 - 2006   Ph.D Environmental Science and Plant Biomechanics University of Molise, Italy and Forest Research, UK

2001 - 2003   Diploma Contemporary Dance, DanceArte – Dance School, Isernia, Italy

Other Relevant Training

2012 - Onward  Somatic Movement Education within the The School for Body - Mind Centering®

2013 - 14  Embodied Theatre, Physical Theatre Professional development Training funded by Creative Scotland

2004 - 2014 Dance training within LaNua dance Company, with Choreographer Merav Israel. The training focused on Dance Improvisation, body-mind approach, choreography techniques and site-specific work. 

07/2012   Dance and Music Improvisation with Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vagas

2011- 2014   Balinese Dance - Gambuh Theatre with I Wayan Bawa, Bali

09/2010   Dances of Orixias - Afro-Brazilian Contemporary Dance with Augusto Omolù 

2008/2009   Butoh with Imre Thorman and Lindsay John 

2009   Forum Theatre Training - Thetre of Oppressed  with Julian Boal 

2007-2009   Barathanathyam Indian Dance Dance Ihayami, Edinburgh 

08/2006 Dance Theatre training with Julie Stanzac - Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal

Direction and Choreography

The Buried Port

2015 -16 Music and Dance Performance. Ungaretti Project -This project is in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh and has the endorsement of Edinburgh City Council and Florence City Council

Bantu Dan Bantu   

2013 Site-specific, dance-theatre performance in collaboration with Saniwati ArtSpace (Bali)

Sprouting Wings  
2013 Dance/music/poetry performance. Solo choreography inspired by poetry from Liam Baker. Art’s Complex in collaboration with Edinburgh Iranian Festival

Co-Direction and performance work collaborations

Three lines 
2011-2015 Improvisation performance crossing projected drawing, live music and dance, with Jer Reid (musician) and Jenny Soep (visual artist). The Arches, Glasgow and Videolab Edinburgh

To Inhabit Spaces  
2013 with Cia Gabriela Sanchez dance Company. Open Studio at St Margaret's House, Edinburgh

2013 with Théâtre de la Camelote, Site specific /Puppets theatre performance. In collaboration with La Friche La Belle de Mai, Marseille

2013 with Théâtre de la Camelote, Visual theatre performance for young audience. Théâtre à la Coque, Hennebont, France

2011 with LaNua, Site specific installation and dance performance. Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh. Supported by Creative Scotland

Le dedans du dehor / il dentro dal fuori
2011 with Théâtre de la Camelote, Bilingual Dance/Puppets theatre performance at Manimagine festival in Thorigne-Fouillard, La Paillette Theatre, Rennes, France


2011 with LaNua, Installation and dance performance. Tramway, Glasgow. Supported by Creative Scotland


with LaNua, site-specific dance piece performed in different unconventional dance spaces (Dovecote Galley, Botanic Garden). Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dance Base Edinburgh. Supported by Creative Scotland

Dissections - HamletZar project
176 / Zabludowicz Collection, London. Funded by British Arts Council and developed with ODIN teatret in Danmark, Dance Base in Edinburgh, Barbican in London

You have a world
2009 with LaNua, Edinburgh in collaboration with Mela ARTSPACE Rainbow Ride 2009 with Dance Ihayami, INVASIAN Fringe Festival Edinburgh

One shoe adagio
2007 with Artimmediate, International cross-art Theatre Barter. Isola delle Meraviglie Festival Teathre, Venezia, Italy

Labyrinth of the Imaginary
​2003 with Living Theatre, Napoli, Italy

Video Art


2012 Collaboration with Haleh Jamali (visual artist). Video projection, Loop, HD, 3:49 minutes, color, for single channel projectionInverleith House Gallery & Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh

2012 Collaboration with Haleh Jamali. Video projection, Loop, HD, 6:50 minutes, color, double channel projection. Inverleith House Gallery, Edinburgh & Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

2012 Collaboration with Haleh Jamali (visual artist). Video projection, Loop, HD, stereo, color, for double channel projection. Feed Part one  3:39 minutes / Feed Part two  7:15 minutes. Inverleith House Gallery & Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh

Maximum Ex-posure  
2012 with Haleh Jamali (visual artist), Video projection, 3:07 minutes, stereo, color, for triple or single channel projections. Inverleith House Gallery & Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh

2010 with Haleh Jamali (visual artist). Video stills, HD, 5:40 minutes, color, for single or two channel projection

"Rooted", "Departure" and "Maximum Ex-posure" have been presented in 14th edition of FILE 2013 - Electronic Language International Festival in Brazil.
“Departure”, ''Rooted,”Table”, “Maximum Ex-Posure'' have been presented at "I had Never Seen A Woman Conduct An Orchestra" exhibition, Dublin 2013.
“Departure” was also presented at “25th Instants Video” in Marseille, France 2012
“Maximum Ex-posure” was Screened at ANATOMY#2, Summer Hall, Edinburgh 2012
“Feed” was presented at “Passion for Freedom” London 2013

Community and Professional teaching

Contact Improvisation & Instant Composition

Workshops and Classes for professionals (dancers, musicians, visual artists) and community people.

Play Cafe at Platform, Glasgow

Dance, Music Workshop for children and family


Dance theatre workshops. In collaboration with Exodus italian organization for social incusion of people with differents abilities and mental health.

NEA Theatre Project

Directed by stephanie Knight.  In collaboration with North Edinburgh Arts Centre. Funded by Creative Scotland 2011/2013  and Edinburgh Council 2014/2015

A Day of Dance

Dance, Music and Storytelling Workshop for children and teenagers. Supported by OXTON & CHANNELKIRK Arts and Education Group

Musical Sculptures Workshop

Tramway - Jannis Kounellis Family day. Site specific, Live Music and Dance workshop for family and mixed ages. With Jer Reid (musiscian) Supported by Glasgow Life

Live Music and Dance Workshop 

Live Music and Dance workshop for family and mixed ages. With Jer Reid (musiscian) at Glue Factory (Glasgow). Spiers Locks 2010 

Our Space Our Dance Workshop

The Robertson Trust Glasgow and Edinburgh Council Since 2009

Expressive Line. Dance Theatre Workshop. Supported by The Italian Institute in Edinburgh Since 2007

Contact Improvisation Jams and Workshops. Awards for All 2006 2011

Magic Camp Performing Arts Project for children, Singapore 2011/2013

Rainbow lotus project

Bangli Orphanage in Bali (Indonesia) 2008 

Dance The Space

Outdoor and indoor Site Specific Dance Workshop for children and Teenegers. Craigmillar Community Arts. Funded by Edinburgh Council 2007

Dance Base Outreach Programme

Dance and Movement Workshop for pupils with severe learning difficulties at Oaklands School, Edinburgh