The Buried Port

Dance, music, poetry 

2015-16 Live Music and Dance Performance. Part of Ungaretti Project in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh. Supported by Edinburgh City Council and Florence City Council.

2011 with LaNua, Site specific installation and dance performance. Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh. Supported by Creative Scotland

Sprouting Wings 2013 

Dance/music/poetry performance​​
click here to see full video 
click here to see 30 second preview 

Bantu Dan Bantu 2013

A site-specific dance performance created for the opening of “Stop Violence” exhibition at Seniwati Art Space, Singapadu (Bali, Indonesia). click here to see video 

To inhabit spaces  2013
Site-specific dance and video performance. Click here  to see the video