Because the cost of space hire increased, I had to increase the price of the classes. I always try to keep the price of my workshops and classes accessible to everyone, but if you have any issues with payment we can find together a solution. I also strongly recommend you to book the 6 classes block, not only because it is cheaper but because it will be very beneficial to work with continuity with the same group of people. Together we will develop performing skills and and deepen the dance improvisation practise towards composition. 

Please watch the video about Monica's teaching clicking the link below:

Comments from participants :

'These classes are completely bloody awesome, yes they are. Dance improvisation which is not only contact; bodywork, partnerwork, exploration and play.... And lovely people to boot.'

@ St Margaret's House 
studio G 25
Price: £10 (£8 concession) drop-in 
6 classes £50 (£40 concession)

Monica De Ioanni studied Contact Improvisation and Dance Improvisation with Nancy Stark Smith, Kirstie Simson, Andrew Harwood, Martin Keogh, Merav Israel.

About Contact Improvisation
CI it's a dance practice that involves body contact and sharing of weight between two or more people. It is a dance technique in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through movement improvisation. While dancers usually stay touching or in physical contact for much of a dance, a dance can occur in which partners never touch yet there is a clear "listening" and energetic connection/intention that creates the "contact" of their shared dance. Part of the practice are the Jams. During the jams we welcome musicians to take part. Musicians and dancers come together to spontaneously explore musical forms and ideas, at times with some group agreement about structure and duration of the exploration.
Novack, Cynthia J. (1990). Sharing the Dance: Contact Improvisation and American Culture.

Accommodation and food are included in the fee.
Fee: £200
Deposit to be paid no later than 20th September: £30
Please contact to book or for queries.
Kate Young -

These classes are open to all: beginners, dance students, performers, both experienced and not in Dance Improvisation.

​Utilizing the principles of contact improvisation and body-mind practices, Monica's teaching focuses on areas such as; awareness of the body's organisation and anatomy; connection to the floor, the space and partner's; and sensing the weight and the flow of the breath into the body. Confidence in receiving and giving (lifting, falling, momentum, suspension, weight, impetus) is built through suggested movement patterns and observing the singular expression of the body in motion

6 October - 8 October

Burnlaw Centre, Whitfield, Northumberland, NE47 8HF

Everyone is invited to join Kate and Monica in this retreat that will take place in a peaceful and wonderful setting; the Burnlaw Centre surrounded by woodland and gardens in the North Pennine hills.
Here, time and space will be devoted to explore the connection between movement and voice, dance and singing. It is about combining the practice of somatic movement and dance with finding ways to express our voice and soul.  With Kate we will discover our voice and singing in connection to the movements we explore as well as some songs from around the world. We will look particularly at 'wordless songs' and through focus on movement exercises bring those expressions into vocalisations and our own compositions, exploring different tones and vocal techniques. With Monica we will explore somatic movement and dance improvisation practice. We will explore body mind approaches to sense one’s inner movement, sounding and dance to then bring them out in space with the others. Individual work will focus on nourishing our connection with oneself creative potential and its expression. We will use the enchanting surrounding of the place to let our souls and bodies to express through movement and voice. We will start with the observation of our anatomy and body structures (thorax, pelvis, spine, body’s fluids and vocal organs) to the let the body parts to open us the doors of our perceptions and emotions to experience them and move then into action: dance!
We will work in groups developing group improvisation and composition skills, integrating voice and sounding into an ensemble work. 
We will work on bare foot, please wear comfortable clothes and bring water and a note book with you.

​Please contact me here if you are interested in taking part of these workshops

​​​​​​​During the classes we will develop ensemble work that will culminate in a showing date and venue TBC. The participation in the showing is optional


Summer dance Lab in Nature

Expanding our senses, cultivating the attention, the observation and the search, we will explore the improvisation in solo, duos and groups. Voice, breath, easiness and letting go, connected to being grounded and centred while moving dynamically.

Moving with the surrounding from within. How the environment effects my movements how I can intervene on a landscape  through my movement.

Location and Dates TBC

Please contact me here if you are interested in taking part of these Dance Lab